Mission Statement


MTM Youth Services is a Community Interest Company whose mission is to identify, develop, deliver and support high quality, value for money Youth Work, through Informal Education programmes, primarily focussing on young people aged 11-19, where there is an identified need, such that they find their rightful place in their society, achieve their potential, and a successful transition into adulthood, through a range of enjoyable activities and support.


We will secure funding for local projects to enable Youth Work delivery in partnership.


We will support, develop and supply Youth Workers, including training and supervision, and enable Youth Workers to work on a self-employed basis.


We will provide a consultancy service including project management, quality control, policies and procedures, risk assessments, operating guidelines, staff and volunteer recruitment.



Vision Statement


Youth Workers remain in Youth Work in our local area and receive continued professional development.


Identified young people are accessing the services they need to the benefit of their families, carers and their community.



Value Statement


Youth Workers supplied and managed by MTM are highly trained, skilled and committed, and will have their skills and training matched to the position required.


As a Community Interest Company we deliver value for money, high quality, environmentally sound programmes and activities and we invest back into the organisation to allow it to grow to the benefit of all it serves.


Young people engage voluntarily, are involved in business decisions, and have a right to local services. The product will be service-user led and young-person centred.


MTM has a non-judgemental ethos





Sam Mason

Harry Town