Youth Advisory Board (YAB)

South Norfolk



As part of Norfolk’s strategy to enable local communities to meet young people's needs, seven Youth Advisory Boards (YABs) have been established, one in each county district. With membership drawn from all the key agencies locally, together with young people themselves, these boards have a role in pulling together a clear picture of young people’s needs across their district.


MTM Youth Services have been delivering the YAB for South Norfolk since its inception in Feb 2012.


MTM Youth and Community Workers Sam Mason and Julia Fairbrother have been meeting with lots of different young people in various setting such as Youth Clubs, on detached work and getting them together for specific meetings. These young people have been working on what is important to them and identifying priorities of action.


Young people now attend all the board meetings ensuring that they are fully involved in all every aspect of decision making.


All commissioned services for young people will be monitored by young people through an inspection process. Young people are trained to be able to identify a positive piece of work and then make constructive suggestions. This ensures they are involved in every stage of commissioning.


For further information about South Norfolk YAB please get in touch with us via the "Contact Us" page.