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Taxi Journeys for our Activities




We are able to offer free taxi journeys for young people to our activities where there is no other alternative for the young person.



Requests for Taxis


The request for a taxi journey to and from the activity is indicated on the activity’s Consent Form.  The Consent Form is a form that details personal information; any health issues or particular information that may be relevant to help the young person take part fully; emergency contact details for that period of time; and is signed to show that the young person has permission to be there, and is necessary for every activity.



We book our taxis, using our contracted taxi companies, once we know how many young people need transport for that activity, so that we can plan journeys that pick up as many young people as safely as possible, which allows better value for money and is also more environmentally friendly.



The taxis should be booked at least 5 to 7 days before the activity commences, and so we always require completed Consent Forms at least 7 days in advance of the activity.  This also enables us to contact the young people and their families in plenty of time before the activity date with pick-up times, name of taxi company, etc.



Changes to Pick-up and Drop-off Points


Transport will be to and from home addresses as on the Consent Form – please let us know on the Consent Form if this is not going to be the case, e.g., to or from a relative’s house.  Changes cannot usually be made to the taxi journey pick-up and drop-off points after taxis have been booked and timings communicated to young people.



We provide the taxi company with the addresses for the complete journey and they use these to plan the taxi’s route, and to let us know pick-up times.   Once young people have been informed of their pick-up time, we ask families to not change the pick-up point and drop-off point, as this can massively impact on the taxi’s route and timings for other young people.



…and finally


Please let us know as soon as possible if a young person cannot attend an activity, particularly where a taxi has been booked.




If you need further information, please contact:


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